This Food Cure Diabetes And Stops Breast Kanser Cells From Growing And Spreading

So, the bitter melon is the best fruit so far for the health.

Even proven in medicine benefits and originated as such centuries back from the East countries.

This fruit was used for diarrhea, fever, malaria, hypertension and many more.

It offers many minerals, vitamins, proteins, acids, peptides, alkaloids, momordine, glycoside, cucurbitins, charantin, momorcharins and cucurbitacins.

Experts have found that this melon is hypoglycaemic and anticancer in benefits.

The researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica have discovered the efficacy of treating Type 2 diabetes with bitter melon.

Bitter melon contains certain chemical compounds that activate AMPK which encourages the movement of glucose transporters to the surface of cells. 

“More transporters on cells’ surfaces increase the uptake of glucose from circulation in the blood into tissues of the body, such as muscle, thus lowering blood sugar levels.”

In the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, researchers concluded that, “Bitter melon had a modest hypoglycemic effect and significantly reduced fructosamine levels from the baseline among patients with type-2 diabetes who received 2,000 mg/day. 

However, the hypoglycemic effect of bitter melon was less than metformin at 1,000 mg/day.”

Bittermelon on Breast Cancer

Bitter melon extract, a common dietary supplement, exerts a significant effect against breast cancer cell growth and may eventually become a chemopreventive agent against this form of cancer, according to results of a recent study.

Bitter melon extract is cultivated in Asia, Africa and South America. Extract of this vegetable is being popularized as a dietary supplement in Western Countries, since it is known to contain additional glycosides such as mormordin, vitamin C, carotenoids, flavanoids and polyphenols.

A new study by Saint Louis University scientists found that bitter melon extract triggers a chain of events on a cellular level that stops breast cancer cells from multiplying and also kills them. According to lead researcher, “bitter melon extract modulates several signal transduction pathways, which induces breast cancer cell death. This extract can be utilized as a dietary supplement for the prevention of breast cancer.”

Bitter melon can be eaten as a fruit, made into a drink, or added to your smoothies. Bitter melon extract is also available as a herbal supplement.
This Food Cure Diabetes And Stops Breast Kanser Cells From Growing And Spreading This Food Cure Diabetes And Stops Breast Kanser Cells From Growing And Spreading Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on August 02, 2019 Rating: 5
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