Find Out How Blood Clots in Your Period Can affect Your Health

Blood clots during period are normal to others but as it is not that rare we are still concern why and what it could affect in our body.

The truth is period blood may not be the same every month. And mostly the color appears too dark and sometimes the consistency gets thicker because of many reasons.

Questions about Blood clots.

How can you identify blood clots?

You can say it is blood clots when a thick dark blobs appear along with the period blood, you can assume that there are clots in the periods. Clots appear as thick masses of blood.

Why Do blood Clots Form?

Clots are normal and blood flows will be non-stop if it doesn't clot. That is the reason why the human body generates clot its blood using several chemical processes and mechanisms.

Are blood Clots Dangerous?

Actually, you don't have to be really concerned much as it appears as normal, you see clots due to a medical issue, infection, or a miscarriage.

But if these blood clots accompanied by severe and ongoing pain then it could be something serious.

Do blood clots indicate something Serious?

In other cases, clots could also be a sign of uterine fibroids.

Some studies have said that more than 70% of middle aged women had and may develop non-cancerous fibroids in the uterus.

Does it happen to all?

Medically saying not all women experience clots during periods. This clot occurs only when period bleeding is heavy.

Clots in some women might occur during the first year of menstrual cycle and the last year of the menstrual cycle (before menopause).

Is it necessary to consult a doctor?

Having a blood clotting without any complications may not need medical help.

But if the clotting are being accompanied with any other symptoms like fatigue or weakness then it could also be due to other medical issues like anemia.

And if the blood clotting makes you feel drained and light headed, it is best to visit a doctor.

If clotting occurs during pregnancy or after miscarriage, it is best to consult to your doctor to know the reason why it happens.
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