7 Things DO NOT Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Disease

Everyone may feel threaten when hearing the word cancer. Cancer is referred to as an ailment characterized by an unrestrained growth of abnormal cells which if untreated and unchecked eventually kills the patient.

As cancer death cases increasing yearly, most of the people are taking some safety measures which are really essential.

Did you know that not all you see on the internet is factual? Certainly, there have been many claims about the things aiding in reducing your risks of getting cancer.

Shockingly, not all of you know or what you read will defend you against cancer.

Listed below are 7 things that you think stop cancer but they really don’t.

Taking Vitamin E supplements

One of the most vital supplements is Vitamin E, which has made the researchers uncertain that it might offer protection against cancer. For 10 years, 14,600 male doctors took a placebo, Vitamin C or Vitamin E and their health status was tracked for four years. Neither of the vitamins obtainable protected against any type of cancer

Consuming Vitamin D supplements

We know how essential the Vitamin D in our body. Some cancer patients lean towards to have low levels of Vitamin D, but scientists still have curiosity if getting enough amount of Vitamin D can protect them against cancer.

According to a study conducted on 2300 healthy postmenopausal women showed that having the required amount of vitamin D did not lower the risk. One more study in the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that Vitamin D was of no use in protecting one against cancer-related deaths.

In taking Fish oil supplements

A collective study conducted by Harvard University, Brigham University and Women’s Hospital, evaluated whether the consumption of Omega 3 fatty acid presented any protection against cancer. After five years they found there was no substantial difference in cancer deaths and cancer rates between people who took Omega 3 and those who didn’t.

Regular Eating organic

Many believe that eating organic or simple means clean eaters are frequently said to be the healthiest of all. There was a study conducted on 69,000 French adults who ate organic food found that the more organic food people ate, the lower was their risk of cancer. But the results were not the same for everyone. People who eat organic are definitely healthier in other ways that has a bigger impact on their cancer risk.

Getting every possible cancer screening

It is really true that prevention is better than cure, which certainly means early diagnosis makes the treatment easier in some particular cases and not all. Unfortunately, some cases that getting all the possible tests done won’t prevent it from happening. Apparently, The Central for Disease and Prevention recommends contrary to screening for ovarian, prostate, testicular, thyroid or pancreatic cancer because it hasn’t been shown to improve death rates.

Believing in drinking Red wine

Most people are replacing the hard drink alcohol into red wine. Did you know that making on wine habit as an option in the name of health is never a good idea? Studies have shown red wine drinkers are not protected against ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. According to a BMJ study, even light to moderate drinking habits can increase one’s risk of cancer. A brief information, red wine has resveratrol, an antioxidant that promises to protect against cancer but that doesn’t give you’re the green signal to drink this red beverage.

Preferring to eat alkaline diet

In the acidic environment cancer cells are found. Apparently eating alkaline diet, avoiding high-acid foods like sugar, dairy, wheat and fruits can stop tumours in their tracks.

Until now there is no studies have yet been able to inaugurate a link between cancer prevention and alkaline diet. According from an oncologist “Cancer cells create an acidic environment rather than vice versa”. Similarly, eating alkaline won’t change the pH levels of your blood but rather of your saliva and urine, which is unconnected.
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