Early Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Tuberculosis “TB”

Tuberculosis or TB is a severe infectious illness that seriously impacts your lungs and other areas of your body like the bones, liver and kidneys.

TB is triggered by a kind of bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This condition is a contagious infection or air-borne, meaning it can be scatter to another person by coughs and sneezes.

Difference of Latent TB and Active TB

Latent TB. This this problem, you have a TB infection, but the bacteria stay in your body in a vital state and trigger no symptoms.

Latent TB, also known as inactive TB or TB infection, is not infectious. It can turn into vital TB, so treatment is essential for the person with latent TB and to help control the scatter of TB.

Active TB. This problem makes you ill and can scatter to others. It can happen in the first several weeks after infection with the TB bacteria, or it might happen years later.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis
Coughing that lasts 3 or more weeks
Coughing up blood
Chest ache, or pain with coughing or breathing
Unexpected weight loss
Evening sweats
Loss of appetite

    - If not cured, tuberculosis can be incurable or deadly.
     TB will usually affect your lungs and other areas of your body by your bloodstream and trigger complication to;

    - Spinal ache. Back ache and stiffness are usual problems of tuberculosis.

    - Joint damage. TB arthritis commonly impacts the knees and hips.

    - Inflammation of the membranes that protects your brain or meningitis. This can trigger a lasting or intermittent headache that happens for weeks. Mental changes also possible.

    - Liver or Kidney issues. Your kidney and liver are affected through tuberculosis.

    - Heart problem. Infrequently, tuberculosis can infect the tissues that near your heart, causing swelling and fluid collections that may interfere with your heart’s capability to pump effectively. This condition, called cardiac tamponade, can be deadly.

    Save your family and friends by:

    - If you have a vital TB, which is air-borne, it normally takes a several weeks of treatment with TB medications before you are not infectious anymore. Do these tip to help keep your friends and relatives from getting ill:

    - Stay at home. Do not go to work or school or sleep in a room with other people during the first several weeks of treatment for vital tuberculosis.

    - Ventilate the room. Tuberculosis germs scatter more effortlessly in a tiny closed area where air does not move. If it is not too cold outdoors, open the windows and the fan to blow indoor air outside.

    - Cover your mouth. Use a tissue to cover your mouth anytime you laugh, sneeze or cough. Put the muddy tissue is a bag, seal it and throw it away.

    - Wear a mask. Wearing a mask when you are surrounded with other people during the first 3 weeks of treatment may help reduce the chances of transmission.

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