Early Dangerous Symptoms Of Kidney Failure You Probably Didn't Know

Acute or Chronic Kidney Failure is a severe medical condition that happens due to impaired kidney function.

The kidneys carry about 2 million nephrons, and filter 3-4 l. of blood every 5 minutes, that is why it is very important in our overall health. The kidneys work 24/7 a day, it is very important that we protect them to have healthy body and life.

The body has the ability to send warning to know what is happening in our body. Learn the symptoms and prevent having kidney failure;

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath a symptoms that most commonly overlooked of kidney failure. The build up of toxins in the blood will lower the oxygen flow in many organs including the lungs, that results in shortness of breath.

Severe headache

Severe dizziness is being ignore by many people thinking it is natural and common. If the kidney is having hard time to function means it cant filter the blood that results in anemia. Consider it as more serious health issue.

Sudden back pain

There are lots of possible problem causing you sever back pain. But experiencing chronic pain of your back may mean a problem with your kidney and you have to see a doctor for immediate diagnose.

Urinary process

If you are having difficult and pain when you pee or some blood on it, consult a doctor immediately. Also, when your urine color changes from light to darker , frequent urination and foamy texture urine.


Inflammation in the body Swelling in some part of the body is because of the excess water. The body preserve water in the body when the kidney is not functioning well. Inflammation usually happens in our feet , hand , below the eyes and joints.

Chronic fatigue

If you always feel tired and weak and experiencing fatigue means your kidney has a problem. The kidney doesn’t function properly means it cannot remove waste in the body.

Skin problem

Skin problem like rashes that becomes itchy due to the accumulation pf toxins in the body that the kidney cannot remove because it is not working properly and it is damage.

Sometimes, to find out about kidney failure or ultrasound test or renal biopsy. The sooner the disease is diagnosed the better of chances in preventing and reversing damage of your kidney.
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