Common Reasons Why You Always Feel Bloated and The Natural Way to Get Rid of It

Based to numerous people, bloating is too much farting or bleaching as they feel full and their gut is in the size of a ball.

It’s a problem which commonly appears after a heavy meal, but there are several people who feel bloated all the time. The reasons for this problem to arise are the following:

1. You do not drink sufficient of water

A lot of health issues appear because the body is not being hydrated enough. This is triggered by coffee and alcohol and if you drink them too much, you’ll have to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water too.

When our body is relieved of water, it begins using the liquids it can find, hence bloating may be triggered because of fluid retention.

2. Constipation

Once you feel good after you empty your bowels the main problem is constipation, meaning that you have to add fiber in your diet as the gasses are cut off behind the feces. Consume fiber slowly, not all once due to it may worsen the issue. Use whole grain bread rather than white bread, consume a lot of smoothies and berries.

3. Too much stressed

Several studies say that bloating can be triggered by too much stress as when the system is stressed the brain impedes the digestive system from functioning correctly. Also, you may be bloated by constipation and stomach pain.

4. You eat too quick

When the food is being chewed, the body begins processing it more gradually and bloating may arise. Also, it is extremely essential to consume in a little bite.

5. Carbs

The problem with bloating can arise because of eating too much carbs, but you may solve this issue through eating low-carb foods. Also, avoid sugar and alcohol with veggie and fruit.

Stomach bloating and gas is a usual complaint. It’s a problem in which the stomach feels full and tight because of the accumulated gas in the small intestines. It eventually causes the area to arise bigger than usual.

What are the usual causes of Bloating?

Too much eating

Lactose sensitivity and other food sensitivity

Air swallowing


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

It’s not hard to remove gas and bloating, although it seems extremely hard! You can effortlessly remove it by the following easy treatment.


A cup of water

A pinch of ground ginger

A pinch of ground cumin

A pinch of sea salt

½ tsp. of fennel seeds


- First, let the water simmer and put all the ingredients into it.

- Simmer for approximately 5 minutes.

- Afterwards, let it cool down.

- Drink a glass of this mixture before or after a meal to support with gas or bloating.
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