10 Causes Why You Can't Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Is a good night's sleep the first thing you sacrifice when life gets too full and busy?

If so, this is your wake-up call: You're not just sabotaging your next day's performance, but you're actually harming your health.

Below, we give you the most surprising reasons why you can't sleep.

Some of them you can't control, but some of them require only the tiniest of tweaks to help you hit the hay in no time.

1. Doesn't keep up a sleep schedule

Your body responds to routine, so if your bedtime is all over the map, your mind won't be prepared to snooze at the right time. Try setting a consistent schedule that will keep you on track.

2. Having a full bladder

Most people drink a glass of water before bedtime, but this practice could actually be keeping you up at night. You might have to get up one or two times during the night to run to the bathroom. Instead, stop drinking an hour or two before you plan to go to bed.

3. Facebooking into the late hours of the night

Your computer monitor actually stimulates the brain because it's so bright. Avoid late-at-night surfing and give yourself time to wind down without electronics. You'll find that after a while, it will be easier to fall asleep in bed.

4. Bringing a book to bed

If you've spent the last decade reading a book before bed, your body has adapted to that routine. So if you try to catch some shut-eye without reading, you'll probably run into some troubles. Try weaning yourself off this habit and try reading earlier at night. Most importantly, do not read in bed.

5. Bright Room

Try to keep your room as dark as possible and use a clock with a dimmer or no glowing numbers at all.

6. Sleeping on a bad mattress

A good mattress helps you get a restful sleep without feeling lumps and bumps digging into your back, plus some even have moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable all night long.

7. Going to bed on a full stomach

When you go to bed on a full stomach, your body hasn't had time to digest. This means that your body will be working overtime to start digestion and will keep you up later. It's recommended to stop eating at least two hours before bedtime.

8. Cold feet

Yes, your cold feet are probably keeping you up late at night. Grab a pair of socks and maybe a heating pad to help improve circulation and help lull you to sleep.

9. Drinking a night time coffee

Caffeine is a stimulant that accelerates your heart beat and can prevent you from sleeping for up to four hours after your cup of Joe. Switch to decaf if you absolutely can't resist your evening coffee, but it's recommended to stop drinking it at least four hours before bedtime.

10. Sleeping Position

You could be sleeping in a position that's detrimental to your well-being. They say the best position is the "Sleeping Beauty" position on your side, not sleeping on your back or stomach. The other positions wreck the curve of your spine and could even cause snoring.

Get more sleep! We all know that your mood for the next day depends on how good was your sleep the other night.
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