The Dangers Of Using Aluminum During Cooking And Baking

It is very convenient to use aluminum in cooking and baking because they are light weight and foods can be cooked easily.

But did you know that you are putting your life at risk because of doing this? We all know aluminum is a metal, and when this metal is heated during cooking, it releases 2% of its chemicals to the foods.

Cooking with aluminum foil has been shown to create numerous tiny cracks and flakes in the surface of the aluminum foil as demonstrated with electron microscopy.

Moreover chemical leaching of aluminum into food occurs with greater ease when food contains acidic properties such as lemon juice or spices.

Too much aluminum exposure can harm your body with harmful toxins. The body has its own detox system that can flush out all harmful toxins, but sometimes even the healthiest one has its own limits.

According to the Mount Sinai Hospital, aluminum usually accumulates in the human body and over time it can cause aluminum poisoning.

There was even an evidence as early as 1965 showing a link with aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. The main source for concern were brain lesions in those who had died of Alzheimer's Disease.

The abnormal brain tissue contained high levels of aluminum, and it was thought that excess intake of the metal might be the cause.

To date, however, there has not been convincing evidence to demonstrate that environmental exposure to aluminum causes the lesions or Alzheimer's disease. But there is nothing wrong to avoid future damages.


To minimize the amount of aluminum that dissolves into your food from cookware, avoid cooking acidic foods like tomatoes and rhubarb in aluminum pans.

Don't store leftovers in aluminum, because the longer the food sits, the more aluminum it can absorb from the pan. Since more aluminum will dissolve out of old, pitted and worn pans, throw away your aging aluminum cookware. When you replace your old pans, consider upgrading to anodized aluminum pans.


Instead of using aluminum foils and pans, you can consider pans made out of cast-iron cookware; doing so can provide close to 20 percent of your recommended daily allowance of this blood-building metal.
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