Avoid Consuming This Food This Will Results Of Having Worms In Your Brain

Not matter how horrible and scary this sounds, but these worms can cause life-treating consequences.

Recently a story was circulating the internet about a woman from texas named Yadira Rostro had been complaining about severe headache.

When she went through MRI, the doctor later found out that she has tapeworm living inside her brain.

Since to date there is no therapy that can effectively treat the infection, the only way doctors were able to treat it was to remove the worm surgically. Doctors remove a total of 8 tapeworms from her brain.

Parasites lay their eggs in the stomach of their host, but somehow larvae went through the bloodstream and went up to the brain. If the worm invades the brain, this infection can even cause epilepsy.

With Yadira's permission, Methodist Dallas Medical Center shared a video of doctors extracting the larvae earlier this month. Neurosurgeon Richard Meyrat explained that "they looked a little bit like eggs, and thet have a clear sac," he said. "And inside it, a small tapeworm."

There are 2 ways to get infected by the pork tapeworm

1. If you consume raw or undercooked pork originating from infected pigs this results in taeniasis or an adult worm live in the intestine.

Signs and Symptoms: Pain, unexplained weight loss, blockage of the intestine and digestive problems.

2. By direct contact with feces of infected pig or human, which can infect many tissues. If the larvae get in the nervous system and the brain, it can result in neurocysticercosis.

Signs and Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting, headache, lethargy, confusion, vision changes, weakness or numbness and seizure.

This common food can bring worms in your body, which invade the brain. When they enter our organism through the food, they move easily through the whole body, the eyes, every tissue, especially the brain.

Yadira is making a full recovery and wishes not to view the video of the footage from her surgery where doctors are extracting the parasites from her head, and this is completely understandable.
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