Appendicitis: Pain and Symptoms, Function and Location

The appendix is located at the lower right side of the abdomen; it is small pouch-like sac. Appendicitis is cause by an inflamed appendix which can lead to mild to severer abdominal pain.

Inflamed appendix may rupture anytime and cause agonizing pain on the right side of lower stomach, so it is important to know the location and warning signs of appendix.

The pain usually starts form near belly button along with it are unbearable pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. To treat appendix, doctors must surgically remove the appendix from your body.
The appendix is found on the lower right-hand side of your belly.

-Put the top of your right-hand hip bone in front of your body. Then, place the thumb on the top of hip bone and pinky finger on the edge of the pubic bone.

-Extend the index finger. Appendix lies in the exact position of the index finger.

The Function of the Appendix

Theory said that appendix has something to do with the child’s immune system but not with older children and adult. Another theory is that it is connected to the digestive system.

Some doctors said that it contains good bacteria that helps in recovery of gastrointestinal problem.

But no one really knows what it really does in the body. Only one thing is for sure, we can live without the appendix.

Warning Signs of Appendicitis

Belly button pain and appendicitis

Even the appendix is located at the right-side abdomen, the pain usually starts around the belly button then spread to lower right abdomen.

Right-side stomach pain is a warning sign of appendicitis

The usual warning sign is from mild to severe pain in your right abdomen which gradually gets worse in a 6-24 hours period.

Fever and appendicitis
Buildup bacteria will cause infection then will result fever. Inflammation cause mild or low-grade fever, but bursts appendix will cause higher fever as the infection spread to the abdomen.

Nausea and vomiting along with appendicitis

Abdominal pain caused by appendicitis will result in nausea and vomiting and discomfort caused by gastric upset will usually start around the same time as the abdominal pain.1

Abnormal bowel movements
Constipation, diarrhea, and the inability to pass gas are all symptoms of appendicitis.

Urgent need to urinate

Pelvic pain and a frequent need to urinate happen in about 20% of appendicitis cases.

Treatment for Appendicitis

Doctors only way of treating appendicitis is to remove by making incision in the abdomen where the appendix is located. Appendectomies cases are carried out as emergency procedures to remove before the appendix ruptures and spreads infection.

Sharp pains or deep aching where the appendix is located because ignored appendicitis will quickly become serious medical attention. Therefore, you must see a doctor immediately for sharp pains.
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