Powerful Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally Using Lemon Juice

Proper hygiene is the key on how to maintain the body cleans from head to foot. But there are some condition like dandruff that can be develop even you are shampooing regularly.

One factors in which dandruff can be more likely to increase or become severe is because of the winter season.

Having dandruff issue is irritating; it causes dryness on the scalp along with mild itching. Dandruff can be simply spotted as it identify as small, round or white to grey patches on the scalp.

However, in order to control this condition that might become more severe cases need medicated shampoos and extra intervention.

What are the Causes of dandruff?

It might surprise you, suffering from dandruff can blame by stress, anxiety and tension.

Also, normally dandruff can result of poor diet, poor hygiene, imbalance of hormones and infections.

If you are always using hairsprays, hair gels and electric hair products too often are also inclined to dandruff.

Inappropriate use of hair colors, or dry indoor heating and tight fitting head gears of scarves can also cause dandruff.

In addition, not shampooing your hair regularly or not rinsing them properly while taking a head wash can also cause dandruff.

Another medical term causes of dandruff include fungal infection, contact dermatitis because of excessive hair care, dry skin and seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis majorly affects those parts of the skin which are too oily or sebaceous.

Surprisingly, there is a powerful natural home remedy that can be weapon to get rid of dandruff. This is the mighty lemon juice.

Why lemon juice is effective for reducing dandruff?

Lemon juice has highly contains citric acid which works as an effective cleaning agent which removes excess sebum from the scalp. It also helps in removing particles of dandruff from scalp and hair and facilitates healthy pH levels.

Moreover, Vitamin C rich lemon juice has antifungal properties which are helpful in reducing dandruff. Also, dandruff can be caused because deficiency of zinc in the body. Lemon juice contains zinc and may thus be helpful in dealing with dandruff problems.

When combined with different ingredients, lemon transforms into a powerful solution for dandruff.

Directions on how to apply lemon juice to get rid of dandruff

Try using diluted lemon juice , massage it into the scalp , wait for 10–15 min and wash it off with a mild or herbal shampoo !

You can also try:

If your scalp is oily , you can use neem or tulsi powder , mixed with lemon juice ( a spoon of lemon use would be enough ) mix them to a watery paste - so it can be absorbed well into a scalp, let it dry for 10–15 min and wash off with a shampoo

Additionally, use honey and lemon as a hair mask !

It can be more potent using other natural remedies such as neem oil and coconut oil can be helpful in dealing with dandruff. Keep in mind that always use herbal shampoo and avoid medicated shampoo because in the long run it will cause your scalp dry that can leads to dandruff too.

Indeed, no doubt that lemon juice has its powerful properties that can be beneficial from head to foot, inside and external use for the body. Choose natural always!
Powerful Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally Using Lemon Juice Powerful Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally Using Lemon Juice Reviewed by Health Blogger on May 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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