Pag-iyak: Makabagong Pamamaraan Para Sa Mga Gustong Mag-Bawas ng Timbang

When you feel sad, stress, tense, losing someone or love ones and mourning the natural response human-act is crying.

But what if this natural response can be also a natural way to lose weight? Sounds interesting right? Keep reading to know more about crying can be linked to losing weight.

As a frustration like, cutting down pounds of your weight it really challenging that includes a lot of efforts and disciplines concerning what food to eat and how to maintain physical activities day by day.

We have great news for you! Did you know that according to new reports, having a cry can also aid weight loss, and science is backing it?

Here are the claims from some experts and studies about crying and losing weight relation.

According to the study of St. Paul-Ramsey Medical centre and led by biochemist Dr William H. Frey, found that crying, much like other exocrine processes such as sweating and urinating, helps rid the body of potentially harmful toxins and stress-induced hormones, according to a report by the New York Times.

Dr Frey’s study also found only emotionally induced tears have stress hormones compared to tears from eye irritation or cutting an onion – so you can’t cheat your way out of it.

He added that the best time to cry was between 7 and 10pm ‘when people are mostly likely to be with their significant others and to watch TV or a movie.

So grab your drama movies now! Oh just don’t forget your tissue.

Another statement from leading stress expert Dr Pete Sulack, from Tennessee, said that an emotionally charged crying session can help you drop those few extra kilos.

According to him, stress tears contain the hormones prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone and leucine enkephalin, ‘all of which are produced by the human body when it is under a lot of stress.

Cortisol, the hormone responsible for regulating stress levels, has also been linked to retaining body fat through one of the stress hormones.

‘Getting rid of adrenocorticotropic hormone actually reduces the body’s cortisol levels,’ Dr Sulack said.

You what is best feeling after you cry? It will give you relief from the pain and sorrow that can turn into happiness and another chance to start and move on. Plus the most awesome result is it could help you lose weight!

Crying is not a sign of being weak; it is just a way to tell the world that after the tears everything will be alright. Still positive side is, you will lose your weight!
Pag-iyak: Makabagong Pamamaraan Para Sa Mga Gustong Mag-Bawas ng Timbang Pag-iyak: Makabagong Pamamaraan Para Sa Mga Gustong Mag-Bawas ng Timbang Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on May 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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