Know The Early Signs That In Human Body Parasites Attacks and How to Prevent Them to Spread

Obviously, when we are hungry not only our own body needs food but also the parasites living inside us. In this article, we will give you brief information about what parasites can do in our body. Do we need to be alarm?

Or we will just let parasites live in our body? Without further ado, keep on reading to learn more about parasites.

What is Parasites?

A parasite is an organism that depends on another organism, known as a host, for food and shelter. As an example, tapeworms live in the digestive system of a large variety of animals.

The tapeworms have no digestive system of their own, but absorb nutrients through their skin from partially digested food as it passes through the host.

A parasite usually gains all the benefits of this relationship. In contrast, the host may suffer from various diseases, infections, and discomforts as a result of the parasitic attack. In some cases, however, the host may show no signs at all of infection by the parasite.

The life cycle of a typical parasite commonly includes several developmental stages. During these stages, the parasite may go through two or more changes in body structure as it lives and moves through the environment and one or more hosts.

Facts about Parasites

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 3.5 biilion people suffers from some type of parasitic problem, and not all these people live in poorer countries.

Parasites are the most common form of life on Earth. Scientists believe that over 80% of all living things are parasites.

The earliest known human parasite is a lung fluke, and it was found in fossilized feces in northern Chile dating from 5900 B.C. Additionally, ancient Egyptian mummies from as early 2000 B.C. contain tapeworm eggs.

Approximately 209 million people around the world are infected with pinworm, or seatworm. More than 30% of children worldwide are infected.

Did you know that the easiest way to tell if you have a tapeworm is to eat a lot of garlic and/or onion? If you feel something moving inside your intestines after that, it's most likely a tapeworm, squirming in pain.

Signs that indicate the presence of Parasites in your body:

An infectious disease, or infection, is a condition that results when a parasitic organism attacks a host and begins to multiply. As the parasite multiplies, it interferes with the normal life functions of the host more and more. The host begins to feel ill as a symptom of the parasite's invasion and activities. In many cases, the host's immune system (which fights foreign bodies in the body) may be able to respond to the parasite and destroy it. In many other cases, however, the parasitic infection may over-whelm the immune system, resulting in serious disease and even death.

Also may includes:

-Skin Problems
-Bruxism(teeth grinding)
-Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-Body Ache
-Chronic Fatigue
-Stomach Disorders(diarrhea and constipation)
-Sleep Disorders

Important Details on how to prevent the spreading of parasites

If people control the environment by keeping it clean, this makes it harder for germs and parasites to live and breed.

Here are some examples of things that can be done to stop the spread of germs and parasites:

-Pick up all rubbish and put it in the bin
-Keep yourself, your family and your house clean
-Wash hands after going to the toilet and before preparing food
-Make sure all pests are controlled properly by washing your dog and keeping it off the bed
-Wash your hands after touching animals
-Make sure that taps, toilets and bathrooms are kept in clean and good working order
-Store cooked and uncooked food correctly
-Don't defecate near waterways or in puddles
-Water spreads germs and is a part of the life cycle of some parasites. If you have to defecate in the bush, make sure that you bury it. -Don’t walk in dirty puddles.
-Try to keep children from areas in which animal faeces may be present or near taps which can contain young parasites which can enter through your skin.

Parasites is treatable

Scientists have developed and continue to test a number of drugs that can be taken as a barrier to certain parasites. Many parasitic infections can be treated by a variety of medical procedures, such as the use of antibiotics. The best way of controlling infection, however, is prevention.
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