Experts Say Taking Too Many Selfies Can Lead To Numerous Health Problems

You won’t deny this: your day will not be completed if not checking any social media app as taking selfies in your mobile camera.

According to Oxford Dictionary (2013), selfie is defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to any social media website”.

People now live in a time when sharing photos online is not only common but also an accepted pillar of someone’s digital identity.

Every individual is easily captured by what is new with its surrounding. People are governed by things around him such as the social media.

And technology is adapting this social trend of self-portraits to rule the world. In this growing generation, preteens and adolescents are now ruling the world. And the rise of selfie is a concrete proof. And if you think deeply, this is alarming!

Selfies demonstrate the invasion of technology into private space. Many researchers believe that selfies allow the people to express themselves in a way that was never seen before.

People who are least expressive and have shy nature can spread their wings through selfies by uploading it on internet and become social virtually. This leads to lack of personality and smartness in them.

Selfies are easy to do, yet they can also horribly ruin one’s life. Also the researchers want to know how taking selfies can change a person’s personality especially for the youngsters.

To be specific, the researchers want to identify the potential harmful effects with physical and mental health that may arise from sharing “selfie” in the social media as follows:

It can suffer you from Selfie Elbow

Are you familiar with tennis elbow? It is a type of tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons) that stems from overusing the muscles of the forearms. So same with taking too many selfie, even you are not a tennis player, surely you will end up experiencing this.

Taking lots of selfies that require you outstretch your arm in a strange angle and also click on the shutter button of your phone’s camera.

Instead use use a selfie stick or you can simply considerably reduce the amount of time you spend on taking selfies, if you cannot completely turn your back on snapping selfies.

It can cause Depression and Anxiety

Over the past couple of years, clicking and posting selfies has become a popular trend. It has become a symbol of self-expression and often people portray their adventurous sides by uploading crazy selfies. The popularity of selfies is a reflection of anxiety in human nature to see oneself in a better light. And this is the fact, several studies show that an image centric social media such as facebook, instagram etc. can cause the depressive symptoms in people because these social media encourage people to compare themselves with others.

Taking selfies provoke to show off and can lead to bad mental state. People exceptionally admire their looks and physical appearance and expects the same from others leading to narcissistic tendencies.

It can result into Addiction

As we all know that people can be addicted to the likes of alcohol, prescription medications, illegal drugs, gambling and porn. But there is a story can now add taking selfies to the list.

In Britain, there’s a 19-year-old teenage male who is believed by mental health experts to be actually addicted to selfies. That’s because he quit school and spent half a year in isolation trying to capture that perfect selfie. Eventually, he overdosed on medications but, luckily, he survived and is now receiving treatment for his addiction.

The most drastic effect of selfies is that it is spreading like a viral disease with no treatment. People, mostly teenagers attempt to take selfies at the most dangerous places in order to become more popular and to build more followers but a small mistake can ruin their life leading to death.

Final Thought

Many people feel that uploading selfies is the best way to express their fun and enjoyment to others even if they had not enjoyed much. Enjoyment comes from intrinsic feeling, how you put all your efforts to make the day the loveliest one ad not by clicking and posting selfies.

It is really alarming that ‘Selfie ‘ can be term-like ‘Killfie’ has become the most burning issue occupying the center point between life and socialism. Nowadays newspapers are full of such foolish people who tried to take selfies in worst condition and needless to say, spoiled their lives. It is ridiculous that selfies have become more important than one’s life.

So, the new trend, selfie has become a serious issue about life and death. At a certain make, it may boost self-confidence and keeps happy but beyond that limit ‘Selfie‘ can cover-up to the word ‘Killfie‘.

Source: WellnessBin
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