Cold And Flu Treatments : How to Treat a Cough Without Medicine By Drinking This Simple Remedy

Feeling a kind of blockage in your nasal passage or throat? Annoyed with frequent bouts of sneezing and coughing?

All these conditions indicate towards phlegm or mucus.

While phlegm is not dangerous at all, but if ignored for long, it can clog the bronchial tubes that can cause a secondary upper respiratory tract infection.

The problem is if we’re consistently producing mucus all the time, which indicates the immune system consistently senses it is under attack.

This may also indicate our gut bacteria is weakened since it protects us from infection and unhealthy bacteria in which the body wouldn’t produce mucous in the first place.

So, if we are producing too much mucus it will lead to this health problem are runny nose, fever and difficulty breathing.

The problem can be caused by:
Exposure to irritants
Common Cold and Flu
Post-nasal drip Bronchitis
Cigarette smoking
Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease (GERD)& Certain medication (ACE inhibitors)

Some less common, but serious causes, of chronic cough include:
Lung cancer
Congestive heart failure
Other lung diseases

Dealing with a cold and cough you just can’t get rid of? Ditch the over-the-counter medications and learn how to get rid of mucus naturally.

Here's how to prepare it

*Coconut oil
*Apple cider vinegar

1. Wash and peel the ginger first, then chop it to small pieces and boil it in water for 15 minutes.
2. Next, leave the ginger tea to cool down before straining and putting it in a bottle in the fridge.
Whenever you're down with the flu, pour yourself a cup of the tea, then add a tablespoon of honey and ACV and a few drops of coconut oil.
3. Stir micely and drink the mixture right away, and you will feel much better in a couple of hours.

The incredible remedy will open your airways and reduce the symptoms of the flu, effectively improving your condition immediately.

Most over-the-counter cough medications can spark side effects. Try some natural and safe home remedies for relief.

HOME REMEDY 1 Heat half a cup of water in a boiling pot. Add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon black pepper, and 1 tablespoon honey. You may also add cinnamon sticks. Boil this for about 2-3 minutes. Drink this daily until the condition improves.

HOME REMEDY 2 Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Heat this mixture until it becomes warm. Drink this syrup several times a day.

HOME REMEDY 3 Take fresh ginger. Peel, slice, and crush it lightly. Boil this ginger in a cup of water. Strain and drink this ginger tea, 3-4 times a day.

When dealing with persistent cough, apply some vapor rub on your feet before going to sleep.
Take plenty of fluids, warm liquids in particular.
You can also suck a hard candy to ease dry cough.
If your cough causes shortness of breath or persists for several weeks, consult a doctor.
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