Cervical Problem: Early Signs and Symptoms You Should Definitely Never Disregard

Cervical cancer is a usual affliction that impacts a lot of women.

Based to cancer.net, last 2016 approximately 12, 990 women in the United States would be diagnosed with cervical cancer. This form of cancer had an estimated casualty count of up to 4, 120.

Luckily, unlike most other kinds of cancer, cervical cancer can effortlessly be avoided.

In a report by ABS-CBN news, gynecologist and oncologist Dr. Joy Garcia stated that women between the ages of 15-44 have a chances of having cervical cancer.

Dr. Garcia concludes that sex has a characteristic in cervical cancer growth.

“Ang pinaka dahilan kung bakit nagkaka-cervical cancer ay dahil sa HPV o human papillomavirus. Nakukuha iyon sa pamamagitan ng pakikipagtalik,” Dr. Garcia stated.

A definite way to keep away from cervical cancer is by vaccination against HPV.

Based to Dr. Garcia,”As early as 9 y/o, before sexual vulnerability, ipinamamahagi na ‘yung vaccine na ‘yun para mataas na ‘yung protection ng isang babae”.

Even if a girl has been vulnerable to sexual acts, she still has a better chance of keeping away from the disease if she gets vaccinated.

“Women na nagkaroon na ng sexual vulnerability, maganda pa rin and level of protection kung ngayon pa lang sila magpapa-inject,” Dr. Garcia stated.

“Kahit anong edad. Meron kasing 3 brands in the market, pero and pinaka-usual, walang age limit,” she concluded.

Cervical cancer can effortlessly be impeded if detected early on. One solution to discover if a girl is at endanger is by going through a yearly pap smear. Yearly trips to the doctor for a pap-smear is the certain way to find cervical cancer before it begins.

Based to Dr. Garcia, women who have had secret contact should consider going to 3 separate pap smears after the first time they’ve had these experiences.

“Kung nagkaroon na ng sexual contact and isang babae, after 3 years, dapat naguumpisa na siyang magpa-pap smear yearly until she’s 65-70 years,” Dr. Garcia stated.

Dr. Garcia concluded that eventually the women body’s immune system is powerful enough to get rid of these cancer cells by itself.

“Yung immune system niya, papatayin ‘yung virus, susubukan paalisin sa katawan niya. ‘Pag hindi nagtagumpay, in 10-15 years, posibleng magka-cervical cancer and isang babae.”

Those women who found out with pre-cervical cancer cells may undertake minor surgery or cryotheraphy to cure these potentially harmful cells.

The doctor stated that women taking such treatment can still get pregnant due to their cervix in undergoing a curing method.

Low Back, Pelvic or Appendix Pain

Low back pain or pelvic pain can be linked to problems with reproductive organs, such as the cervix. A sign of cervical cancer is pelvic pain, especially continuous pain. Pelvic pain near the appendix doesn't usually occur unless the cancer is in advanced stages. There will usually be other cervical cancer red flags before pelvic pain occurs.

Weight loss

The same factors that can cause cervical cancer-related nausea can cause unintended weight loss, says Dr Shirazian. (Think: a compressed stomach that can’t hold very much food.) Plus, if you’re constantly feeling nauseated, you probably aren’t going to even want to try to eat. If you lose up to 5 or 10% of your bodyweight over the course of six months without trying, go ahead and call your primary care doctor.

Risk factors of cervical cancer are includes:

Having weakened immune system
Chlamydia infection (common bacteria that infect reproductive system which can acquire from sexual intercourse)
A diet low in fruit and vegetables
Being overweight
Long term of use of oral contraceptives(birth control pills)
Intrauterine device (IUD) use
Having multiple full-term of pregnancies
Being younger than 17 at your first full-term pregnancy
Economic status
Diethylstilbestrol (DES)- is a hormonal drug that was given to some women between 1940 and 1971 to prevent miscarriage.
Having a family history of cervical cancer.
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