Avocado Leaves: Kanser Prevention and Medication And More Health Benefits

One of the most favorite fruit shake flavor is avocado. Are you agreeing with that? The pulp of avocado has a buttery consistency and blend in taste with a nutty flavour.

It has a pleasant aroma of the interior shell of a tender coconut. A person normally gets used to the taste and starts relishing it after tasting once or twice.

Its pulp is used as a sandwich filling or spread, in ice-cream and milk shake.

Moreover, the fruit is considered better for diabetic patient due to low sugar content. Its fat is harmless.

The oil from avocado is widely used for the preparation of cosmetics. The purple variety contains as much as 17 per cent of oil. The avocado for all purposes is a salad fruit and should be eaten fresh.

Health Benefits of Avocado that includes:

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Health Benefits of Avocado During Pregnancy.
Health Benefits of Avocado for Hypertension, Headache and Back Pain
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How Avocado Leaves Can Reduce The Risk of Cancer?

On the other hand, do you know that avocado fruit is not the only beneficial thing from avocado plant?

Well, avocado leaves are also beneficial for health. One of the beneficial facts of avocado leaves is the benefits of avocado leaves for cancer.

Cancer is a disease which became nightmare for modern people nowadays. It can occur the body if the cells DNA mutate and cannot control its growth. The mutation of DNA in the body can be caused by the free radicals effects which destroy the body cell mechanism. Avocado leaves contain strong antioxidant effect which possess by the presence of it’s flavonoid and phenols content. The antioxidant of the avocado leaves can reduce the free radical effect and protect the cells from damage.

Additionally, avocado leaves have very important compound for cancer. They are pinene and lemonade, the cancer preventing agents we can get from consuming avocado leaves. The two compounds are able to slower cancer cell development. Avocado leaves have diuretic property. It means that regular consumption of avocado leaves can enhance metabolism and further excrete waste through urine. The proper waste excretion enables our body to quickly remove toxins and the other unwanted material from our unhealthy diets.

Vitamin K is another important vitamin that is responsible for the prevention of blood clotting. Cancer sometimes related to the process of blood clotting. It is possible for avocado leaves to prevent blood clotting by activating selected proteins and make them able to bind calcium. Avocado leaves are one of the best sources of vitamin K from plants. Also, it can also effectively act as chemoprotective agent for cancer.

The Nutrients Content Of Avocado Leaves

You may not expect that the leaves of avocado contain abundant nutrients even more than the fruits. This part of avocado plant contains protein, fiber, mineral and phytochemicals that are useful for human health. Every 100 gram avocado leaves contain 25.54 g protein and 38.40 g fiber which is greater than the fruit that only contains about 1.60 g protein and 2.06 g fiber in same amount. Not only rich in protein and fiber, avocado leaves also contain some of mineral such as magnesium, sodium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus in proper amount. Talking about phytochemicals, the leaf of avocado also has greater number than the fruit and the seed especially the flavonoid and phenols content. No wonder if many health benefits of avocado leaves is now being concerned.

How to consume avocado leaves as recommendation?

The protein and fiber in avocado leaves are claimed to be higher than the fruit or seed. Incredible, isn’t it? And if you are curious about the taste, it might taste a licorice with a little bitter flavor. So, you can mix it up with the other ingredients to spice up the taste when you consume it as medication or prevention to cancer.

Or as another option, you can also make the leaves extract as salad dressing. But if you are not that into salad, you can include avocado leaves to your stew or soup. Not only add health benefits to your cooking, adding avocado leaves can also spice up the flavor with its licorice and anise like flavor. It is easier for you to process the leaves into powder.

Moreover, drink it as tea is one of the best ways to consume avocado leaves. Just boil some leaves in a pot of water. If you like, you can drink it plain. Of it is not, you can add some sweetener such as honey or stevia both are also healthy.

You can drink avocado leaves tea every day, preferably 1 or 2 glasses a day. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you wash the leaves properly before consuming it. As we know, avocado plants might be sprayed with fungicide or pesticide. For that reason, we should make sure that the leaves are clean.

The Side Effect of Avocado Leaves

Beside its numerous benefits, the avocado leaves may also bring some side effects which should be noted by anyone who want to consume it especially in regular basis in order to cure some disease. Some scientist reported that the leaves of some variant avocado plant could possibly contain amount of toxic which is dangerous to be consume such as the Guatemalan avocado plant. While another type of avocado plant, the Mexican avocado is consider as save to be consumed. Many experts also claim that high consumption and long term usage of the avocado leaves also not suggested since it can cause several problem in the future. So if you want to try the avocado leaves consumption consult your doctor first to discuss its effect to your body and how you should consume it.
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