9 Interesting Things That Your Body Does While You’re Sleeping

Falling asleep at night shouldn’t need lots of effort. Nevertheless, there are several uncommon things that frequently occur which can complicate you or even frighten you.

No matter how weird it felt, there’s nothing you should be bothered about. In this article we will explained the most usual phenomena that happen when you’re sleeping.

They’re ideally common, just a little frightening.

Feeling that you’re falling

This occurrence is also known as hypnagogic pull and it occurs while we’re falling asleep. Our bodies become paralyzed while we sleep to stop us from hurting ourselves.

This may trigger dreams of falling from the sky or a cliff and also falling into entire darkness. Researchers are not totally sure why this occurs but they consider it is more likely to happen when you’re stressed, sleepy or extremely tired.

Sleep walking

Unlike other sleep connected behaviors which are safe, sleepwalking can frequently be very harmful. This occurrence happen when the body wakes up before the brain which is why sleepwalkers are never cautious of their evening travels.

Sleep talking

Based to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, approximately 5 percent of adults talk while they’re sleeping. Most of the “conversations” last 30 seconds on mode. This occurrence is more likely to happen during the first or second hour of sleeping. This is when our bodies access the deeper periods of sleeping but the muscles are still capable to move in order for you to talk or move.

Repeated dreams

Repeated dreams frequently occur when you have unsolved psychological issues which is your brain is struggling to solve.

Erupting head syndrome

This is an occurrence when you immediately wake up after hearing an explosion, seeing a flash of light or the sensation that your head exploded. It’s the same to a hypnagogic pull due to it happens if the brain falls asleep before the body and your senses are still on.

Hypnagogic hallucinations

Hypnagogic hallucinations happen when you’re struggling to fall asleep and your body is still awake but you’re capable to see images that you cannot control.

False awakening

It occurs when you immediately wake up, but you see that the things throughout you have changed. Nevertheless, you’re not actually awake, you just dreamed that you woke up.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a situation when your upper airways close hence delay your breathing and you’re oxygen dispossess until you wake up. This can trigger headaches and tiredness in the morning.

Astral projection/out of body encounter

This is literally a neuropsychological occurrence which triggers you to be able to see yourself from a side. The esoteric believe that this is a strong proof of the actuality of the soul, but scientist consider it’s much more confused than that.
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