8 Side Effects of AC (Air Conditioner) That You Should Pay Attention

It has become a life necessity in our every day's life. Not only it's needed to keep humans in a living comfort zone, but for other reasons such as keeping computer servers at a certain cooling temperature to operate efficiently and safe keep data.

It is a standard in commercial and residential structures in most countries around the world. It is also found in automobiles, mobile homes, airplanes, and trains.

Probably, AC is becoming more demand especially during summer. This season is really irritating and most of the people want to stay in an air condition place.

However, staying in AC for prolonged periods of time can have some side effects which you should pay attention.

Indeed, no matter how comfortable it gets, staying in AC all day, all night can have some unsafe and bad effects on your body which are listed below:

1. Dry eyes

Staying in AC place for too long period of time can worsen symptoms, if you already have dry eyes. Dry eyes will feel more itchy and irritated if you have dry eyes.

It is recommended for those people with dry eye syndrome should choose not staying in AC for too long.

2. Dry skin

People who sit in AC indoors for too long can be a usual occurrence to get more dry and itchy skin. Too much exposure to AC along with sun exposure can make the skin dry and itchy. Your skin might get reappearance to normal after a few hours of being outside, but dry skin might actually stay for longer than normal skin.

3. Dehydration

Did you know that rates of dehydration are higher in rooms with AC as compared to other rooms? The main reason is the AC imbibes too much humidity from the room, as a result you will feel dehydrated. Just imagine of the time when AC is set at a low temperature and you're feeling too cold and feel the need to drink water.

4. Respiratory problems

Experiencing respiratory problems in nose, throat and eyes can be blame on staying in AC for a prolonged period of time. Also, you will feel dry throat, rhinitis and nasal blockage. Rhinitis is a condition which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. It is source by a viral infection or by an allergic reaction.

5. Asthma and allergies

People who are suffering from asthma or allergies staying in AC too long can worsen conditions. On the other hand, staying indoors can help as it keeps them away from other pollutants, among those who are sensitive. But others might actually experience the opposite. Having an AC which is not properly cleaned and maintained, it can upsurge risks of triggers which can aggravate asthma and allergies.

6. Infectious diseases

If you experience drying out of your nasal passages, it might because of being in AC for too long. As well as irritation in mucous membranes and drying out of mucous can happen. In this case, it might cause of absence of protective mucous can make you more susceptible to viral infections.

7. Headaches

As mentioned before being dehydrated is because of staying too long in AC. In this case, it can result of headaches and migraines. When it comes to migraines, dehydration is a trigger which is often unnoticed. Once you step in and out of AC rooms or go in the heat outside suddenly after being in AC for too long, there are chances that you might get a headache. In addition of this case, AC rooms which are not maintained properly, you are more prone to headaches and migraines.

8. Lethargy

Studies have shown that people who stay in AC for long periods of time have complained of lethargy and sluggishness. AC might give you comfortable and cools down even when it is burning outside may essentially do something very harmful.

Source: Doctor Ndtv
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