5 Problems That Happen To Your Body if You Don't Change Your Underwear

It is extremely essential to make the feminine hygiene of all women on all ages to be careful and conscious in maintaining the cleanliness of their feminine area.

Because no matter on how healthy and clean our private area it will always have a distinct smell that is natural on the body.

How ever there are some risk that can happen if you will be careless to things like regular change of underwear.

Here are the unhealthy reasons why you should practice in a daily basis to change your underwear for a healthy you.

As bacteria can be present on the fabric and this fabric is an excellent for the breeding ground of bacteria. 

This area is wet and warm perfect for a faster growth of unwanted bacteria, these bacteria multiplies enormously and causes irritation.

5 reasons why you need to change your underwear regularly:

1. You will get Itchy

Unwashed underwear can irritate the skin, this will cause itching for the whole time. This happens because of bacteria build up in the fabric, then transfer in the sensitive skin. This happening can lead into more serious complications.

2. Development of sores and rashes

Sores and rashes means a development of bacteria in the area, these bacteria stays and will be develop into a higher kind of bacteria if not treated. This thing is extremely uncomfortable and very itchy.

3. The private part will smell differently

Normally private parts has odor, but if the smell is something different then you must consider taking it off. This smell is due to lack of fresh air from days old panties.

4. Yeast infection

Yeast bacteria lives on moist places that is why changing regularly is in need.

5. Development of Urinary Tract Infection

Bacteria can transfer to one place or another, I is common to people who don’t change underwear regularly. To avoid this infection it is recommended to change underwear daily.
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