5 Common Mistakes Health Habit That Women Make During Periods

Puberty is often a hard time, emotionally, especially with women, because of uncertainty and the drastic changes of the body.

Particularly when monthly period starts, experiencing such as cramps, aches, mood swings, and hysteria are normal as a part of menstruation.

However in many cultures, the menstrual cycle was seen as a gift and when a girl would menstruate for the first time, it would be celebrated in public.

But this again is a problematic view as the menstrual cycle was seen as a boon for reproduction.

Even when people celebrated it, they had a reductionist view that a woman’s ultimate goal in life is reproduction.

But whatever taboo it is, all women must be aware and practice healthy habits when monthly period starts.

The importance of what to do and not to do during this time should every women pay attention. In this article we gather 5 common mistakes that women make during periods, to raise an awareness of having healthy habit and the things you should avoid.

1. Disregarding The Blood Color

During your menstrual cycle the color of blood changes. It typically starts out with brown spotting and turns into a bright shade of red. In heavy days which may fall first to second will be bright red, and brown or pinkish the next. Headed for the end of the cycle, it could be dark brown to almost black. On the other hand, if it is anything out of these three, you should check your doctor as much as possible.

2. Not Monitoring Your Cycle

Most of the woman thought that monitoring menstrual cycle is only for planning pregnancy. Since menstruation is monthly cycle, you should still track it. In this way, you will easily know what is normal for you. Numerous conditions can make your periods irregular. Do not wait a long time before consulting your gynecologist, if in case something goes off.

3. Not Changing Your Pads Or Tampons Frequently

This is the simplest practice yet sometime ignored. It is vital for maintaining proper hygiene to change your tampons or pads regularly. The question is what is the ideal duration you should be using them for? When it comes to pads, you can change them every six hours so, or once they get blood-logged. This will be more common at the start of your period. As far as tampons are concerned, five hours should be more than enough. Tampons, especially the super-absorbent kind can cause a fatal condition known as the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It can develop if you leave the tampon on for long. Use the low-absorbent variant and change them often that highly recommended.

4. Drinking Alcohol

Some woman believe that when they are experiencing cramps and pains, a glass of red wine makes them feel relieve. But this is not the good way; you just make it more badly. Whatever cramps or pains you may experience, drinking alcohol will not be the solution. It is better to avoid it. Instead, you can consume water or a blend of herbal teas.

5. Unprotected S3x

Despite the fact that there is no harm in having s3x on your period (it is considered healthy even), the risk of getting an STD increases. It is best not to practice unprotected s3x, in case you are unaware of your partner’s medical status. Moreover, the chance of getting a bacterial or yeast infection becomes high.

Take note and practice these health habits especially during your monthly period. This will uphold better hygiene and both physical as well as mental well-being. Red days are really tough days, but you should be mindful on how to keep your body healthy.
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