12 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health Which Mostly Are Not Aware

What is a habit? A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Every person has a habit.

From small, non-dangerous, habits like biting nails or high pitched laughing, to dangerous ones such as smoking, drinking, and reckless behaviour.

Habits can go un-noticed by people because they vary in seriousness. Breaking habits varies greatly.

We all have some bad habits that we find difficult to break. These problems eventually have a major impact on our lives and health.

Bad habits are unwanted behaviour, which take time to break or change depending on the severity of the obsession. Common examples include: overeating, smoking, and a lazy life style.

This article aims to help you address these habits, understand them and hopefully, overcome them.

Let us give you list of 12 habits that women have which may be dangerous to their health in the long run, but they are most perhaps unaware of which includes:

1. Wearing Underwired Lingerie

Regardless of being appealing, wearing underwired lingerie too often can lead to poor blood circulation. It also causes severe skin irritation and itching around the breasts, especially if it is too tight.

2. Not Changing Sanitary Pads Quickly

Keep in mind that you should change your pad within 4 to 6 hours in a day. Keeping your pad on for longer than that not only results in bad odor but also causes redness and vag!nal infections.

3. Using Soap To Clean Private Parts

Your private parts down there are made up of a delicate pH balance. Never use a soap to cleanse your private parts as it is too harsh. Use a good quality or prescribed intimate wash if you really need one. Or you can use water alone but make sure to wash it properly.

4. Using Deodorants Directly

There are a lot of attractive advertisements that might convince you, but never use deodorants directly on the skin. They contain chemicals which may block our sweat glands. This may also lead to breast cancer.

5. Ignoring Sunscreen

Notwithstanding knowing the harmful effects of the UV rays, a lot of us do not use a sunscreen while stepping out in the sun, either due to ignorance or sheer laziness. However, such negligence can lead to skin tan, burns, and ages the skin quickly.

6. Irregular Or No Visits To Gynecologist

What’s going on inside her, it is essential for every woman to understand her body. Keeping your private parts healthy is of equal importance, so a regular visit to a gynecologist should be as much a part of your monthly schedule as that of your salon visits.

7. Keeping Makeup On While Sleeping

Make sure to clean your face before sleeping. No matter how many ‘natural’ ingredients your makeup may contain, it still contains certain amounts of chemicals and needs to be removed before sleeping to avoid premature aging, dark spots, and other skin related problems.

8. Overusing Weighing Scale

Wishing for instantly weight loss? But weighing yourself within short periods of time not only demotivates you but also affects your confidence. It is much better to concentrate on your diet, exercise, and workouts to achieve your fitness goals.

9. Sleeping With Your Lingerie On

One more one of those blameless mistakes, sleeping with your lingerie on can cause damage to your breast tissues. They also constrict your chest muscles and can cause major health issues later.

10. Breaking Pimples

Yes, it can be disgusting! You might hate your blackhead, but always be patient with it. Never break your pimples as they’ll lead to scars on your face. Let them shrink naturally, or use an over-the-counter medication if you really want to get rid of it faster. Or you can check any home remedies for preventing the inflammation of your pimple such as raw honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar and others.

11. Washing Lingerie Frequently Or Rarely

Even it is worn inside and it is hiding. Ideally, wash your lingerie at least once after using two or three times. Washing your lingerie too much causes residual detergent concentration in them that irritates skin. Washing them rarely leads to bacterial growth and results in infections.

12. Using Heavy Handbags

Are you one of those who experiencing shoulder pain or difficulty sitting straight? Blame it on your heavy handbag as that excess weight causes postural issues and effects balance. Make time to remove all unnecessary stuff from your bag, or try carrying a satchel to balance the weight equally if you have to carry loads of stuff.

Considering these 12 habits mentioned above are “innocent” habits, but in the long run it will definitely be dangerous to your health so be watchful in every routine and try to correct it as early as you can. Stay healthy and share this article to others for them to be aware as well.
12 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health Which Mostly Are Not Aware 12 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health Which Mostly Are Not Aware Reviewed by Health Blogger on May 11, 2019 Rating: 5
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