10 Surprising Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Still Possible Nearby

One of the most tragic moments in our lives is when our loved ones died. Their physical presence may not be there but their souls/spirits are still around.

There are various signs that can be indicate they are nearby.

Here are the 10 signs listed below that there are possibilities they want to say something to us and try to understand each signs:

1. Through dreams

Vivid memories of your loved one were in your dreams. Clinical psychologist Jennifer Shorter defines visitation dreams as “striking emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, reassurance, and/or warning.”

These experiences are unique, powerful, and sometimes life-changing.

2. Through their Scents

When you suddenly smell a pleasant scent that is somehow familiar, it’s a sign that your loved one is nearby or present.

Spirits use smells that are special to us because we immediately notice and pay attention to them.

3. Through Misplaced items

Sometimes your favorite or important things are missing and after long time of searching you will find it in the same place you searched already.

It may seem weird but it can be one of sign that your dead loved one is trying to tell you something.

4. Through Songs

When you listening to music and suddenly a song played that can be related or meaningful to your deceased loved ones.

It is common to hear these types of songs over and over after a loved one passes and many people believe this is a sign that they are still around.

5. Through Weird thoughts

Suddenly you will get influenced by thoughts that make us aware of a particular thing, just like you’re doing something make you happy but then again a thought of sadness comes up.

Such thoughts are not our own. Yes, they are the voice of your loved one rather than the voice in your head. An easy way to recognize this that it does not follow the first person voice. Instead of “I’m going to be late”, “You’re going to be late” comes to your mind.

6. Through Unexpected gifts

We are not talking about materials things. We are talking about that a gift which money cannot buy. It is a form of love, care and affection when you least expect it in life. There will come a time that feel down and lonely but unexpectedly you will receive a call from your friend or relative which made you happy and got a positive vibes. Indeed, such are the gifts inspired by coincidence and received with love. It can be your deceased loved ones who did that for you.

7. Through the right person at the right time

There will be a time you will meet a person who will help you without asking anything. And that particular moment is when your worst point in which you need help. It might your deceased loved ones who make a way or used a person to help or to save you on your difficult times. People who are truly heaven sent.

8. Through Funeral

You should look for signs like a touch on the shoulder or a caress on the cheek during their funeral in order to sense their spirit. People attend their own funeral after they die and offer comfort to their family and friends, according to the psychic James Van Praagh.

9. Through Pets

Even pets visit their owners and many have reported hearing their dead dog barking or cat meowing.

Animals get aware of things even before humans can. Also animals are highly receptive to the presence of anything supernatural. Gestures like wagging tail of a dog at nothing then it means that there is someone who he loved as a human being who’s now visiting in the spirit form.

10. Through old habits

Old habits like if your deceased loved one was fussy about leaving the lights on then chances are that he might turn off lights in the house in his spirit form. On that moment, the spirits try to do the same things that they used to while they were alive. So it can indicate that they are just nearby.
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