Sleep Bad Habit: Can Cause Low Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Do you fall asleep while your lamp is on or television? Do you spend so much time using mobile before going to bed in a dark then again fall asleep without turning it off?

If your answer is yes, then you should read this for awareness on what can be the result.

Exposure to the blue light that tech gadgets emit doesn’t only interfere with your sleep-wake cycle, it may also make it harder to have a baby.

That’s because the blue light suppresses melatonin, a sleep hormone that also plays a role in protecting eggs, especially during ovulation.

Power down electronics at least an hour before bedtime and keep them (and other light sources) out of the bedroom.

In the study, researchers from UCLA, Osaka University, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency exposed sleeping female mice to artificial light during the night.

And they found that their chances for getting pregnant — especially "middle aged" mice — were significantly reduced. We're talking a drop from 71% of the time to 10%.

Younger mice were also affected, though less so.

So what's the connection? It has to do with your circadian rhythm, a.k.a. your body's internal clock, which controls everything from sleep patterns to menstrual cycle.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN, the part of the brain that controls melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleepy), is located right behind the optic nerves.

At times of less light, the SCN tells the brain to make more melatonin and make you drowsy. But melatonin also modulates estrogen and progesterone receptors, two primary reproductive hormones, and too much light at night decreases production of melatonin when it should be highest.

Though the study was done on mice, researchers suggest the findings could apply to human women as well — especially those older than 30, when fertility levels naturally begin to decline.

They also believe the results may apply to women in "extreme environments" that disrupt regular rhythms, like jet lag from frequent travel or working overnight shifts.

Still there is good news: the effects can be upturned just by getting on a regular — and dark — sleep schedule. So, lights out!

In addition, other lifestyle changes—such as avoiding excess alcohol, quitting smoking, and paying attention to your ovulation cycle and having sex on key days—are still more likely to impact fertility than tweaking your sleep habits.

Source: Style Craze

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