Perfect Kissable Lips: Achieve Soft Pink Lips And Best Breath

Lips needs to be moisturized to avoid its visible chapped and cracked.

Before the “eyebrow life” got viral, the first priority in doing make up was to have kissable and pouty lips. But how you will achieve this, if your lips are getting cracked before and after applying lipstick?

Don’t worry, we got a simple and easy home remedies on how to maintain your lips to be soft and kissable even after applying lipstick. Do this by following the instructions below:

Simple and East Ways For Lips Soft

What the things you will need?

A bowl of warm water
A used toothbrush
A Lotion or cream like nivea or anything similar
A lip balm
A cotton ball
Your regular foundation and concealer
Your choice of lip liner, lipstick and a gloss

Guidelines on how to make your lips soft:

1. Simply, dip your used toothbrush in warm water for 2 minutes to make it softer. Use only a used tooth brush i.e. the toothbrush which you might be using daily.

Note: You must not use a hard and new toothbrush because it will erode the skin surface much more. A hard toothbrush will make your soft lip’s skin even more dry and painful later on. Use the tooth brush gently in circular motions to get rid of all the dry skin flakes.

2. Use the heavy cream or lotion and massage well.

3. Use the cotton ball to remove traces of unwanted cream.

4. Put on your lip balm in massaging motions gently to soothe the skin further and make it even softer.

5. You can now proceed to your normal application of concealer. Blend it well.

6. Use foundation on the lips with a lip brush. Blend this well too.

7. We all know that a foundation has the tendency to dry the skin further. To stop it from drying the skin of the lips and especially if you have really cracked and dry lip condition, use some more cream on the lip surface. This time wait a while for the cream to get soaked well into the skin. Remove excess with a cotton ball or tissue paper.

8. Use your normal lip liner.

9. Make sure to follow up with a moisturizing lipstick. If you have dry lips, then use a moisturizing lipstick. If however you want to use a matte effect lipstick, then also your lips will not get chapped because you have already double moisturized your lips before applying the lipstick.

10. You can now put a lip gloss if you wish to use one.

11. Gotcha! Say goodbye to your cracked lips, enjoy your kissable and soft lips.

Hope you had fun on this simple and easy ways to achieve soft and kissable lips. You can also share this to others.
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