6 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Lemon Water In Morning

Lemon benefits include vitamin C, treatment of infections, indigestion, dental problems, fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, obesity, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure. Lemon is also beneficial to your hair and skin.

Lemon is also known for its therapeutic property since then, lemons help to strengthen the immune system, and it is also being popular as a blood purifier.


6 lemons
20 Oz (about 500 ml) water
Honey (optional)


Wash the lemons and then cut them into half, put the lemon pieces into a pot filled with water and boil them about 3 minutes.

Once the water is boiled, let it cool off for 10 – 15 minutes, strain then place the water in the refrigerator.

Drink this daily in the morning before breakfast, you can add hot water with every cup to get warm. Add honey to sweeten.

Lemon Water Benefits:

Weight loss – the lemon helps the liver to produce bile: stomach to break down the food so the needed nutrients can be absorbed easily. Honey assists the stomach in the production mucus to flush toxins, and when combined together, the body may reach a healthy weight.

Glowing skin
 – the honey helps increase collagen and the lemons purify the blood, resulting to a healthy glowing skin.

Increased alkalinity
 – lemons is useful for neutralizing the body acid and reduce the acid reflux, upset stomach, acidosis, and other side effects related to acid.

Improved oral health 
– the lemon helps the mouth by increasing in production in the salivary glands, it helps in removing bacteria from the teeth and the honey helps in their destruction, resulting in better breath and improved oral health.

A stronger immune system
 – due to being healthy you are likely to decrease the chance of having cold, flu, or stomach-related illness.

Increased energy
 –even without coffee you can function in the morning and had more energy during the whole day.
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