3 Powerful And Positive Indoor Plants That Can Help Bring You Money, Luck, And Prosperity In Your Life!

Feng Shui healers believe that plants are a wonderful way to administer positive vibes and wealth at home.

Did you know that Plants have an amazing ability to help humans prosper in more ways than one?

Eating a diet rich in plants can help us not only live longer, but also live healthier and happier lives.

For most of us, that information isn’t anything new; we know eating fresh, whole foods gives us more energy and a better chance of steering clear of the medical system.

How many of you have ever thought about the other ways plants can help humans prosper?

There are various of beautiful, affordable indoor plants available on the market nowadays that are said to have powerful effects in helping people prosper.

Whether it be money, luck or health, the following plants have earned a reputation for bestowing these on those who care for them.

For some, their powers are understood on a spiritual or cultural level.

This idea behind such plants is that their unique presence breathes positive energy into your home, clearing out negativity and opening the door for opportunity–whatever it may be.

The following plants are believed to bring in more money and there will never be a money-related low ever in your life. So, have you planted any of these yet?

We listed below the 3 plants that brings prosperity in your life:

1. Krasula

- This is a potted plant, and doesn’t require much maintenance. Give it a reasonably sized pot for it to grow and flourish. An ancient Chinese belief has it that this plant when placed on the right hand side of the entrance to your home, and in the northern part, bestows wealth upon the inhabitants of the house.

Note: Krasula also has oils that are believed to enhance physical and mental well being, and hence is a good idea to plant this in your home.

2. Lucky Bamboo

- The petite structure of the Lucky Bamboo with its sapling-green stalks and the red strip of ribbon running around its breadth planted over only a wee bit of clay in a glass bowl, is extremely fascinating. Perhaps why people buy it without realising it true powers, and use it decoratively on their workstations or study tables at home. But as per Feng Shui, every Lucky Bamboo plant has a specific number of stalks, and each stalk has a definitive meaning, for instance, seven means good health, six means good luck, three stands for happiness, wealth and longevity, ten signifies accomplishment, and five denotes wealth.

Note: If you are lucky to own a bamboo with 21 stalks, you will be blessed with great health and wealth.

3. Money Plant

- Money Plant is quite common in households. An indoor plant of the creeper family, the Money Plant, Feng Shui believes brings monetary gain and prosperity to its owner. The five leaves of the branch of the Money Plant are believed to symbolize the five elements of Feng Shui, such as earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

Note: The five elements that make up the leaf shower wealth and power upon the owner.

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3 Powerful And Positive Indoor Plants That Can Help Bring You Money, Luck, And Prosperity In Your Life! 3 Powerful And Positive Indoor Plants That Can Help Bring You Money, Luck, And Prosperity In Your Life! Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on March 30, 2019 Rating: 5
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