Gumamela: Powerful Remedy To Get Rid OF Heart Disease, High Blood, Acne and Dandruff

Gumamela an ornamental plant that is grown in the Philippines, also known China rose and shoe flower. Scientifically known as hibiscus rosasinesi.

It usually grows from 1m upto 4m high, it’s flower comes in different colors like orange, pink , yellow , red and some other colors combinations.

Gumamela as Herbal Medicine:

Gumamela leaves, flowera and roots are used for medicinal purposes. The gumamela leaves is usually mixed with rose hips and it has been used in the Middle East and Okinawa as a herbal tea.

Preparation & Use:

Two ways to utilize as herbal medicine. One is to dry and the second is fresh. For dried, harvest the flowers , leave and roots then wash it and cut into pieces then sundry.

Dried decoction, boil the ¼ cup of dried gumamela parts in a glass of water.

Fresh decoction, wash the fresh flower and/or leaves then cut it in small pieces ,after boil it in 1/3 cup of glass water, let cool and drink.

For abscesses, carbuncles and boils: use the crushed fresh leaves and poultice in the infected area. As well as, use pound flower buds and make a paste and put to external swellings; this is also possible for boils, cancerous swellings and mumps.

Medical Uses of Gumamela (Hibiscus):

1. Heart diseases, High Blood Pressure – this plant has an antioxidant flavonoids, polyphenolic and anthocyanins that can help prevent Hibiscus has antioxidant resources of flavonoids ,polyphenolic and anthocyanins that help control and prevent cholesterol level and low-density lipoproteins.

2. Acne & Sunburn – crushed leaves and flower of the plant can unclog closed pores. Just spread the mixture on your face specially the acne affected area then leaves for 15 minutes. Wash off with water, same way for sunburn.

3. Eczema/Skin allergies – the flower extracts of hibiscus used as medical ointment for eczema and allergy problems.

4. Dandruff & Hair loss – heat with coconut oil or sesame oil a bunch of flowers and leaves of gumamela plant in low fire. Cool it down then strain the oil and put it in a clean container. Apply and massage the oil on to scalp for dandruff problem and leave it for about an hour then rinse with mild shampoo.

5. Cough and cold – because of the high property of vitamin C of this plant leaves. It can help you build immune system to common cold and cough when taken as tea and other extract.

Blood Pressure: since the tea has anti- hypertensive property, it is not possible for people who already have low-blood pressure.

Pregnancy and Fertility: this tea is not favored for pregnant women. It can trigger menstruation or blood flow in the uterus or pelvic area.

Hallucinatory Effect: It can cause some feeling of intoxicated or experience hallucination for some people taking it so you must be aware of your how your body reacts to it.

Allergy: it may develop some allergic reactions like itchy red eyes, sinus and hay fever.
Gumamela: Powerful Remedy To Get Rid OF Heart Disease, High Blood, Acne and Dandruff Gumamela: Powerful Remedy To Get Rid OF Heart Disease, High Blood, Acne and Dandruff Reviewed by Health Blogger on February 16, 2019 Rating: 5
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